How To Structure Your Portrait Drawings

How To Structure Your Portrait Drawings

I really enjoyed filming this video critique. Marjan, a member of Drawing Tutorials posted up this drawing looking for a little feedback. The photo reference used for this drawing was awesome, the drawing was pretty cool too.

What was missing in the drawing was structure. What was also missing in the drawing was accurate shadow shapes. If you can draw accurate shadow shapes shading them with the appropriate value you are on your way to drawing a likeness of your model.

Definitely check out this video critique if your portrait drawings look a little flat. Also if you are having a hard time being able to draw a likeness this video will teach you how.

Thank you Marjan for participating in our weekly video critique. I look forward to critiquing more of your art.



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How Cynthia Draws Cute & Cuddly Creatures

How Cynthia Draws Cute & Cuddly Creatures

Cynthia is a student enrolled in my foundation drawing class at the School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan New York. Wow what a hard working student she is. The combination of her work ethic and her ability to draw cute and cuddly creatures will certainly take Cynthia a long way.

What is really cool is that Cynthia already has her brand. As you flip through her sketchbook it’s evident. What is also really cool is that Cynthia can combine her love and animals along with her love of drawing. That is the secret sauce.

If you want to have a long successful career as an artist you must love the subject matter that you draw or paint. That’s when your art transcends just drawing or painting. That is when your art becomes part of a bigger lifestyle.

I hope you enjoyed flipping though Cynthia’s sketchbook with me. I absolutely love her work!

Unfortunately Cynthia’s Tumblr is under construction. Look for more sketchbooks coming this Summer.


How Ariel Gets Creative With Post It Notes

How Ariel Gets Creative With Post It Notes

If you are looking to spice things up in your sketchbook look to Ariel for some inspiration. The way she utilizes post it notes is really cool. First off with the post it notes Ariel is able to create a layered look to each page. The post it notes create so much depth.

The use of post it notes also adds a ton of color within her sketchbook. Especially when placed over Strathmore’s toned sketchbook paper.

Ariel’s use of bold line, colorful post it notes, as well as colored pencil makes for a very original and authentic looking sketchbook.

Of course I’ve barely mentioned Ariel’s wonderful life drawings. Her line has so much gravity is nuts. She is definitely running on all cylinders coming from Michigan.

The Spring semester is now over and I already miss my very noisy but talented students.

Ariel was a pleasure to have in class. Her work has so much movement and creativity. It inspires me to try different things. I hope it does the same for you.



Ariel’s Tumblr

P.K.’s Sketchbook Drawings

P.K.’s Sketchbook Drawings

P.K. is a really interesting guy. His drawings are really unique. He draws exclusively is pen. He loves to draw strange quirky characters pushing them to there limits.

P.K. has a really interesting story. He asked to join my class mid way through the academic year. He completely missed the Fall semester with my class. The Fall semester is where I really drill the basics into my students. P.K. has really added something dynamic to the classroom. Which is a gift coming in mid way through.

His drawing is quite different than the rest of the class. I love academic style drawings. However I also love variety just as much. I really get inspired when my students apply the academic principles that I teach to their own personal style. P.K. does this with ease.

Originally from Tanzania P.K. found one of my early sketchbook videos on youtube. This inspired him to apply to classes at the School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan New York. That for me is an awesome story.

I am really honored that my vids on youtube inspired P.K. to take action and pursue his dreams of becoming an animation director.

Hopefully P.K.’s sketchbook video will inspire you to take action and pursue your dreams!



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Figure Drawing Help Is On The Way

Figure Drawing Help Is On The Way

Are you in need of some help with your figure drawing technique? Help is on it’s way. In this short critique I break down for you a short step by step process. The techniques in this video critique also work great for gesture drawing.

Every Monday we film member video critiques over at our membership site Drawing Tutorials Online. If you are looking for some help with your drawings we would love to help you. We are passionate about providing you with the skills to improve your drawings!



Obviously it takes a lot of hard work and commitment to improve your figure drawing skills. There is no magic bullet when it comes to learning how to draw. You have got to put in the pencil mileage. However there are shortcuts. What you don’t know will slow down your learning process.

Whether you are getting help from a local instructor or from Drawing Tutorials it’s important to do just that, get help. Consistently, not once every eight months.

So get out there and work hard. But don’t forget to stick you head out of your studio to see how you can improve faster.

Thanks for watching.