Cynthia is a student enrolled in my foundation drawing class at the School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan New York. Wow what a hard working student she is. The combination of her work ethic and her ability to draw cute and cuddly creatures will certainly take Cynthia a long way.

What is really cool is that Cynthia already has her brand. As you flip through her sketchbook it’s evident. What is also really cool is that Cynthia can combine her love and animals along with her love of drawing. That is the secret sauce.

If you want to have a long successful career as an artist you must love the subject matter that you draw or paint. That’s when your art transcends just drawing or painting. That is when your art becomes part of a bigger lifestyle.

I hope you enjoyed flipping though Cynthia’s sketchbook with me. I absolutely love her work!

Unfortunately Cynthia’s Tumblr is under construction. Look for more sketchbooks coming this Summer.