Drawing From The Wrong Photo Reference

Drawing From The Wrong Photo Reference

Have you ever tried to draw a portrait for a friend that didn’t go so well? You had a great photo of a friend or family member and when you tried to draw from it, it was not a good experience.

It’s most likely the photo had front lighting from flash photography. Your friends looked great, but the photo had no shadow shapes to cling onto. Drawing a portrait from front lighting is super difficult. Of course it can be done, however you have to be well versed in seeing subtle value shifts.

The key to drawing from flat front light is practicing matching values. It’s also all about understanding form. Once you understand form and can match values you can pretty much draw from any photograph.

I see many new members of Drawing Tutorials Online struggle when trying to draw a portrait from front light. I get it, you might have a photo of a dear friend and you want to draw a portrait for them.

My suggestion is that you invite them to your studio in order to take a new picture of them. Make it fun, have a drink, relax and definitely use form light. Turn the flash off. Form light will provide you with shadow shapes that you can actually use. Drawing shadow shapes accurately is the key to drawing a likeness.

Take a moment to check out the video below. It will definitely help you if you have to draw from a flat photo.

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How To See Gesture

How To See Gesture

This video will teach you how to see the gesture of just about any pose. It’s important to be able to see through complicated fabric folds. Fabric certainly will mask your ability to see the clean gesture lines within a figure.

You want to see gesture from the top of the figure to the bottom. Seeing what I like to call “Long Gesture” is crucial to drawing figures that have grace and flow.

Without gesture what you have is a stiff figure drawing. One technique that can really help you is the “Opposite C” technique. The “Opposite C” technique provides you with a physical way to draw the natural flow of the human body.

If you need help with your figure drawings consider a membership to Drawing Tutorials Online. Through our weekly video critiques we can help you to see the gesture in just about any pose that you try to draw.

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Madeleine’s Sketchbook – Part Two

Madeleine’s Sketchbook – Part Two

Madeleine was enrolled in my foundation drawing class at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan New York. Madeleine is definitely playing by her own set of rules. She wants to create her own animated series for Cartoon Network.

I am a very big fan of Madeleine’s artwork. It’s extremely non traditional. It’s extremely cartoonish. It’s extremely colorful.

Personally I tend to gravitate towards realistic art displaying a dull color palette. But when it comes to Madeleine’s work I just cannot get enough of it.

Being a professional artist my entire life I truly appreciate Madeleine’s output. She creates so much art in such a fast way. You can really see her passion shine through.

What you want to take away from Madeleine’s sketchbook is passion! Madeleine has so much drive and so much passion it’s something you want to take note of. Yes even if you are only into traditional academic style art.

I can really see Madeleine succeeding. She knows who she is as an artist. She knows where she wants to take her art. Madeleine has clarity to the ninth power.

Check out Madeleine’s website. Thanks again Madeline for sharing your art. looking forward to the next sketchbooks.