Critique Of The Week – How To Draw A Cat

Paul a member of Drawing Tutorials Online just recently uploaded one of his images for a critique. I really liked his drawing of this cute fury cat. The drawing was done in a combination of pencil, colored pencil, pastels (both pencil and stick), as well as charcoal.

How To Make Your Drawings Three Dimensional

Every Monday at Drawing Tutorials Online I film three to fours of video critiques. Members who take the time to upload their artwork definitely improve weekly. It’s pretty amazing what a different set of eyes can do to help you improve. Sometimes we get much too close to our drawings loosing all sense of objectivity.

Rex’s Second Sketchbook

As you flip through her sketchbook like I said you might get a bit overwhelmed. Some self doubt might start to creep into your mind. The antidote to self doubt is focusing on what you can control right now. What you can control is working within your own sketchbook. Focus on you and your drawings.

Creating A Simple Value Structure Study

Sometimes we get so caught up in the details, the textures that we forget to organize a simple value structure. I recommend creating a value structure study in your sketchbook with a soft 2B mechanical pencil. It should take you less than five minutes to complete.

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