How To Draw The Structure Of The Lips

In this screencast portrait drawing lesson I share with you how I think about the structure of the lips. Thinking about the structure of the lips is completely different than using angles, shapes and tone to map out the lips on paper.   The key element to keep in mind...

Lin’s Sketchbook

Lin was a student enrolled in my drawing class last year at the School of Visual Arts. I guess I can start with the fact that Lin was the heart of the class. She really is the nicest person ever, the hardest working student truly devoted to improving.

Shea Portrait – Shading In The Hair

This may not be my most exciting lesson, however it is an important one. Sometimes drawing a realistic portrait takes time. In this short three minute YouTube world that we live in it’s easy to loose sight of the fact that quality takes time.

Shea Portrait – Drawing The Mouth

In this portrait drawing lesson I share with you how to carefully lay in the mouth. By using a series of targets you can make sure you get proper placement of the lips. Simply put targets are little marks you place on paper. They help you to place the features of the...

Shea Portrait – Starting With The Eyes

I wanted to share with you lesson one from my latest portrait drawing course titled “Shea Portrait”. A few members had asked the question, can you start a portrait drawing with the eye first? The answer is of course. Diving deeper the real answer is that you can start a portrait wherever you see fit.

Portrait Painting Critique

If you are looking for feedback on your artwork, I’m here to help. I devote every single Monday to critiquing member artwork. Sometimes we can get too close to our own artwork. Another set of eyes is always helpful. Thanks for sharing Yvon!

Jean’s Sketchbook – Short & Sweet

A new semester has started and Jean is certainly off to bigger and better things. However I wanted to take a moment and share her sketchbook with you. This sketchbook video is really short and sweet. It should take you no time to flow through

Portrait Drawing – Lesson Twelve

If you like a drawing style that is somewhat realistic you have to put in the time. An hour just won’t cut it. So know what you like, know what you aspire to. Be realistic with the time it takes to get there. This quite frankly is half the battle.

Portrait Drawing – Lesson Five

Okay lesson five, this video will show you the importance of solid shapes. It seems so simplistic, shading in a solid way. However I cannot stress the importance of being able to squint and see shapes, then shading them their appropriate value.

Portrait Drawing – Lesson Four

Okay great you have made it to lesson four. Once you have taken the time to get the basic shape of the head with a light middle tone it’s now time to dive in deeper. In essence you have basically drawn big shapes, then drawn smaller shapes within the big shapes. Start progressing into refining the features of the face.

Portrait Drawing – Lesson Three

In this lesson three I share with you the importance of adding shapes within shapes and refining edges. One you have established some basic shapes it’s then time to add smaller shapes within the big shapes. For instance once you have drawn the eye socket shape it’s time to place the eye within the eye socket shape.

Portrait Drawing – Lesson Two

In this sped up drawing tutorial world that we see on YouTube and Instagram we tend to forget that a good drawing takes time. It really takes time for me. A fourteen minute video clip up is basically a nano second in my drawing world. It's really important that you...

Portrait Drawing – Lesson One

I just recently finished a brand new portrait drawing course over at Drawing Tutorials Online. I wanted to share with you a few of the chapters since the drawing has gotten a lot positive feedback. It’s been a while since I’ve posted any drawing tutorials outside of the members area.

Alice’s Last Sketchbook – Maybe

It’s basically one month and one day before I start teaching a whole new group of students at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. I still have some sketchbook videos that I really need to post. This is a short but sweet sketchbook that Alice worked on when she was all out of ideas.

Albert Bierstadt Master Class

Every so often I film a Master Class lesson. What is a Master Class lesson you say? It’s where I analyze the work of an old master. In this case it’s the work of Albert Bierstadt. It’s a great way for members of DTO to hone their image making skills.