How To See Gesture

This video critique will help you to see and draw better gestures. Being able to see the gesture of a pose will certainly help you draw relaxed loose figures.

Madeleine’s Sketchbook – Part Two

If you are into cartoons you will definitely be into Madeleine’s drawings! Her sketchbooks are definitely authentic to say the least. You can really she Madeleine’s passion show through on each page. Her attention to detail within textures is really cool.

Sabrina’s Sketchbook

Her sense of color is really cool. I really like how she gives pages in her sketchbook a color theme. Sabrina draws some really interesting shaped characters which is another attribute about her work that I enjoy.

Hyoin’s Sketchbook

Having Hyoin as a student is pretty special. She powers in her life drawings with so much energy and passion. As Hyoin draws she fills most of the 18 x 24 pad which is what I love. There is nothing timid about her work.

How To Draw A Portrait Likeness

What I’ve discovered over the years is that being able to match values plays such an important role in capturing a likeness. Even if you are able to draw all of the measurements of the models head correctly, if the values are off, the likeness won’t be there.