How To Draw The Ear

Drawing the ear can certainly be tricky. There a few techniques that you really want to keep in mind. First, think of the entire ear as an oval. All of the detail of the ear is housed in that simple oval.

How To Draw The Eye

I wanted to share this particular lesson with you because it is short and to the point. You really want to draw the eye in a loose, curvy organic sort of way. You do not want to incorporate any straight lines when drawing the eye, everything about the eye should look rough and organic.

Beautiful Statues to Draw

If you cannot make it to one of my small group drawing classes at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art this Summer download a free PDF. It contains some really beautiful statues for you to draw. It’s the next best thing to a life drawing class.

How To Draw The Nose

This lessons seven showcases how to draw the nose from the three-quarter view. This video tutorial will show what to do and what not to do when it comes to drawing the nose. No, this video is not about drawing a finished polished drawing, instead, it’s about teaching how to see structure.

Jasper’s Sketchbooks

Jasper, in particular, was truly such a great student to have in class. His life drawings were spectacular for a first-year student. We could have just filmed Jasper’s life drawing pad and I think we really should have.

Constructive Feedback

Third, you must get constructive feedback. Getting feedback from a qualified teacher is one of the most important ingredients of learning how to draw. You could not be seeing or doing something very simple that help you to improve your art in a huge way.

Isaac Levitan Sketches – Master Class

I wanted to take a moment to share part of a Master Class lesson featuring the sketches of Isaac Levitan. As you know I am a big fan of landscape painting. Most likely because most of my past illustrations had a landscape in the background. 

Four Ways To Promote Form

In this video critique of the week we help out Hillary with her life drawing. To quote Hillary, I was going for a precise likeness by searching for shadow shapes, but once the drawing looked like her, I didn’t know how to develop the forms.

Isaac Levitan – Master Landscape Painter

I discovered the work of Isaac Levitan roughly one year ago. I wish I knew of his work back in the day when I first started working as a freelance illustrator. Isaac Levitan is a master landscape painter. You can really see in this one painting how he captures light.

Mixed Media Figure Drawing

Learn how to model the figure using white charcoal on painted board. This free three lesson course will teach you how to add color and form to your figure drawings. Plus you will receive a downloadable PDF that compliments the course.

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