Nefer’s Sketchbook – Delicate & Detailed Line

Nefer’s Sketchbook – Delicate & Detailed Line

Nefer is a student currently enrolled in my Foundation Drawing Class for Animators. Every Friday I teach at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan New York. This year’s class is something special to say the least.

Nefer is one of the many gifted students who has agreed to share her sketchbook with us. Of course I get to review it each week in class. But sharing it with the World on Youtube is another story.

Nefer’s goal is to become a key frame animator. She also wants to publish her own comic book. I think those are two totally attainable goals for her. Nefer’s character design is pretty interesting to look at. Her line work is super detailed and very delicate. I am very much a big fan of Nefer’s work.

It’s super important to set goals for yourself. Even if they seem so very far away. With constant practice and review Nefer should reach her goals after graduation. Of course she has a lot of work ahead of her. Remember it’s super important to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

I really appreciated being involved in a small part of Nefer’s journey through art college. Nefer is a super nice person with a ton of raw talent. I’m so glad to have her as a student in this year’s class.


Check out Nefer’s instagram. Thanks again Nefer for sharing your art. Looking forward to the next sketchbook.

How To Get Better At Drawing Portraits

How To Get Better At Drawing Portraits

I have been filming Video Critiques every Monday, religiously since 2009. It’s truly what has kept me connected to our close knit member base. In an ever polarized internet where people feel very isolated something very different is happening at People are not only connecting but they are learning how to improve their art on a consistent basis.

The video critique below is a typical example of the service I provide to our members every Monday. Each week members who choose to participate, upload their artwork to our member Critique Gallery. Getting a weekly critique from Drawing Tutorials Online can really help you jump up your skill level in a very short period of time.

The knowledge provided in these video critiques is the same type of knowledge taught at major art colleges for thousands of dollars. I know, I teach at one of the biggest art colleges in the United States, the School Of Visual Arts. SVA is an awesome school. I graduated from SVA in 1990 and have been teaching there since 1997.

The issue today with big art schools is the cost. Too many students are leaving art colleges strapped with major debt. This debt can be paralyzing to many young artists.

The good news is that there is a revolution going on with online learning. You really don’t have to be strapped with thousands of dollars in student loans anymore. Websites like members.drawing- provide a quality online education affordable to anyone willing to pay, at least for our service, .66 cents a day. Not only will our site teach you sound technical skills it will also provide you with sage career advice.

If you are looking to follow you passion learning more about the craft of drawing. Definitely consider signing up for month to our membership site. At .66 cents a day you won’t have any five year loans to worry about paying back.

Thank you so much for watching the video critique above.

Learn how to draw a portrait in several easy to follow steps.

1. Start drawing your portrait loose with gesture lines.

2. Measure some landmarks left to right, top to bottom.

3. Draw an edge of the face using the “Angles” technique.

4. Shade in one big shadow shape. A shape that looks easy to draw.

5. Start to separate the shape of hair and shape of face.

6. Use outside open negative space to set the head, neck and shoulders.

7. Compartmentalize the features of the face. Use measuring to see where all of the features are placed.

Of course I explain everything in much more detail throughout the video. However thank you so much for reading the blog post and watching this critique.

I look forward to seeing you in the members area soon!

Get started learning today!


Kaelin’s Sketchbook – Fun, Cute N’ Cartoony

Kaelin’s Sketchbook – Fun, Cute N’ Cartoony

Kaelin is a really cool student to have in class. She is super fun, a true lover of animation not to mention really talented. Kaelin’s talent shows true when she is drawing her cute, soft, round cartoony looking characters.

I trust you can see her progress. Her line work has really developed over the course of one short semester. Kaelin is truly blessed with a personal style. Now her job throughout college is to refine, mature and develop that personal style to an even higher level.

I hope you enjoyed looking through Kaelin’s sketchbook. I know I did. I especially love having Kaelin’s infectious appetite for learning every Friday in class.


Check out Kaelin’s instagram. Thanks again Kaelin for sharing your art!

How To Avoid Painting Uneven Skin Tones

How To Avoid Painting Uneven Skin Tones

Do you find yourself struggling with painting even looking skin tones? Do the skin tones that you paint look blotchy? Yea sounds awful. I used to struggle with this big time.

Through years of practice and hard work I finally mastered both my palette and my brushes. However back in the day when I was learning how to paint there were no online video tutorials. So hopefully this video critique will provide you with a little bit of a head start in the knowledge department.

Once you understand the concept of keeping your lights light and your darks dark everything gets a little easier to understand. You also want to utilize a gradation in the light of your figure or portrait painting. For example the forehead should be lighter than the chin in form light.

Understand that subtle skin tone value shifts are usually surface plane shifts. You want to paint these value shifts less contrasty, especially in the light. This will help you to avoid drastic value shifts in the light. Drastic value shifts in the light cause blotchy skin tones.

These techniques apply to pencil drawing, traditional painting as well as digital painting. Of course practice makes perfect so get at it.

Have questions about your artwork? We are here to help. A subscription to Drawing Tutorials Online will get you instant access to our member Critique Gallery. We film member critiques every Monday.