Joie’s Sketchbook – Creativity – Originality

Joie’s Sketchbook – Creativity – Originality

Last years drawing class was pretty brilliant. A lot of great friendships were made last year in class. Joie was a student that just had so much creativity. She loved the short stuff, hated the long drawings. As a matter of fact Joie really hated doing any drawing that was longer than a twenty minute pose.

Over the years I have learned that being able to work on short gesture drawings is just as important as the long stuff. If you just work on long academic type drawings that could lead to stiffness. The short duration gesture type drawings that Joie loves so much loosen your work up.

Hopefully over the years Joie will acquire a taste for that balance of working on short gesture drawing and long duration drawings.

Umm, somethings tells me Joie will stick to her short stuff. Her creativity is really inspiring. Her energy is inspiring as well. I trust you will enjoy looking through her sketchbook no matter what style of drawing you like.



Joie’s Instagram. Thanks again Joie for sharing your art.


Shea Portrait – Starting With The Eyes

Shea Portrait – Starting With The Eyes

I wanted to share with you lesson one from my latest portrait drawing course titled “Shea Portrait”. A few members had asked the question, can you start a portrait drawing with the eye first? The answer is of course. Diving deeper the real answer is that you can start a portrait wherever you see fit.

Every portrait that you draw presents different obstacles. You certainly do not want to place too many rules on yourself in terms of where to start. Take a look at the portrait subject, what can you wrap your mind around? What looks easy to start with first?

I’m a big believer of utilizing the angels to start drawing the edge of the hair first, moving onto drawing the face next. Drawing the shape of hair versus the shape of the face is a logical way to go about drawing a portrait. However there will be times that branching out from drawing the eyes first is a better solution.

In the portrait drawing lesson below I share with you what to look out for when starting with the eyes. I talk to the importance of making it so both eyes work together, making sure that they are looking in the same direction.

This fifteen lesson course has so much to offer. However I thought I would share with you this very important lesson one.



If you would like to get started watching get entire course check out Drawing Tutorials Online.


Portrait Painting Critique

Portrait Painting Critique

Yvon is a current member of Drawing Tutorials Online. I recently critiqued her acrylic portrait painting. The main suggestion was to utilize the line that separates the light from the dark. In essence blocking in the shadow shapes.

Without shadow shapes a portrait can become quite flat. In this particular case Yvon chose pretty amazing photo reference. If you have trouble with seeing the shadow shapes try squinting. When you squint you eliminate the small details and focus on the big light and shadow shapes.

The other main suggestion was to work with a limited color palette. Yvon had asked about using transparent tones.

My suggestion with paint, use translucency in the shadows, opacity in the lights. This will help to create form and depth.

Take a moment to check out the video below. It will definitely give you some useful painting tips.



If you are looking for feedback on your artwork, I’m here to help. I devote every single Monday to critiquing member artwork. Through the use of Drawing Tutorials Online weekly critiques you will improve faster. You will know what to start looking for.

Sometimes we can get too close to our own artwork. Another set of eyes is always helpful. Thanks for sharing Yvon!


Jean’s Sketchbook – Short & Sweet

Jean’s Sketchbook – Short & Sweet

A new semester has started and Jean is certainly off to bigger and better things. However I wanted to take a moment and share her sketchbook with you. This sketchbook video is really short and sweet. It should take you no time to flow through the pages.

Jean was a pleasure to have in class. I really enjoyed seeing her skill level grow throughout the 2017-18 academic years. Jean has a bold style, I really do like the eclectic feel of her art. She is not afraid to take chances with different mediums in her sketchbook. I encourage you to do the same.



Check out Jean’s Instagram.


Portrait Drawing – Lesson Twelve

Portrait Drawing – Lesson Twelve

In this last lesson twelve I share with you how I finish up the portrait drawing. The one key takeaway from this last lesson, good things take time.

Now please don’t take this out of context. Some of my favorite drawings are ten minute gesture drawings. What I’m talking too here is in direct relation to a style associated with drawing in a realistic way utilizing tone.

If you like a drawing style that is somewhat realistic you have to put in the time. An hour just won’t cut it. So know what you like, know what you aspire to. Be realistic with the time it takes to get there. This quite frankly is half the battle to creating a realistic looking portrait.



Thanks so much for taking the time to watch these lessons. I’m currently working on a new portrait drawing course. I hope to share that with you soon.