Thank you for visiting our blog. I encourage you to listen to the video first writing down some of our quick tips. Then grab you sketchpad and play the video a second time. Draw the two minute poses in your own style. Don’t be perfect just draw. Take a peek at some of the examples we posted below.

You could choose to draw thew whole figure, or just part of the figure. Remember this is not a race. It’s just a way to sharpen your drawing skills.

Write down these three drawing tips in your sketchbook.

1. Look at the model at least sixty percent of the time. Don’t fall into the trap of staring at your paper.

2. Use continuous line. Don’t keep lifting your pencil off of the paper every second. Keep you pencil on the paper for at least two to three seconds at one time.

3. Lastly do not outline every limb. An outlined drawing is a stiff drawing.


An example of a two minute gesture pose. Go into each pose with a goal. In this drawing I was not worried about drawing the whole pose.


Another example of two minute poses on one 18 x 24 drawing pad. The bigger the pad the better. If your pad is too small you draw with your fingers and not with your arm.

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