Beautiful Statues to Draw

Beautiful Statues to Draw

Tomorrow I will be teaching a figure drawing class at the Metropolitan Museum Of Art without a figure drawing model. Instead we will be drawing from some really amazing statues.

I’ve been drawing at the Met since I was in college. I used to go there once a month to draw both paintings and sculptures. If you do not have access to a traditonal life drawing class, drawing statues and paintings at a Museum is a great substitute.

Life drawing is great whether it’s from a live model or from a statue created hundreds of years ago. I encourgae you to get to a museum this Summer and draw. Don’t concern yourself with that nosy art critic looking over your shoulder, just have fun.

As you know I’m teaching small group classes at the Met this Summer. For those of you who cannot join me I’d like to offer you a free PDF download that contains some pretty amazing sculpture. Use it to practice this weekend.

There is something amazing that happens when you draw from beautiful art. 



I currently have three classes scheduled this Summer. If you are looking for something different to do, you can learn more at


Drawing The Rough Skeleton

Drawing The Rough Skeleton

I just finished up teaching a one week long pre-college figure drawing class for animation students. As always I started the class off with the rough skeleton.

It truly is the least intimidating way to start drawing the figure.

In class I had the students draw the figure in one minute poses. You really only need one minute to draw out the rough skeleton.

So where do I use this technique?

This technique is best used when trying to draw the figure from your imagination. It’s amazing how you can craft a figure out of nothing using this simple technique. However you can also use this technique when drawing the figure from life.

The Rough Skeleton

Now in the video above I showed you more versus less. However if you work from light to dark just drawing out the bones that is truly all you need.

If you would like to learn more about how to dive into this technique a little deeper click here.

This is certainly not a technique to blow off. There are many subtleties to drawing the rough skeleton from your imagination or from life. They include goodies like anatomy, gesture and form just to name a few.

Learn how to draw a likeness of the figure every time.

The Rough Skelton