My favorite part of having Ron as a student is teasing her about not liking Chocolate. Every once it a while I’ll purchase fun snacks for my students. Sometimes it’s candy while on other days it could be donuts. One day I noticed Ron didn’t touch any of it, she told me she hated chocolate. So I started buying her fruit, it gave us both a good laugh.

Maybe it’s best that Ron doesn’t get that sugar low. The sheer volume of drawing’s in her sketchbook is pretty inspiring. The craziest thing about Ron, she primarily drew digitally before enrolling in my class. No pencil. When you look at the improvement it has got to push you to draw more.

I hope you enjoy browsing through Ron’s sketchbook. She flipped through it at a pretty fast rate. There is so much to see. The more detail Ron puts in her art the more it pulls me in. I love that about her work. What do you like about Ron’s sketchbook?

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Thanks Ron for sharing!!