Hyoin is just one of those students who turns everything into gold. Her life drawings are just really beautiful.

Having Hyoin as a student is pretty special. She powers in her life drawings with so much energy and passion. As Hyoin draws she fills most of the 18 x 24 pad which is what I love. There is nothing timid about her work.

The look and feel of her China marker type drawings on newsprint in class is something pretty special.

Her sketchbook takes on a whole different vibe itself with all of the bold color and delicate detailed line.

There is nothing really traditional about Hyoin’s work and that’s what I really like about it. As you can see in her sketchbook she can really turn on the traditional jets when she wants to.

Thanks so much for sharing your sketchbook with us Hyoin. It’s really inspiring!



At this time Hyoin has no social media. She is totally focused on her work.