Understanding form is paramount when trying to incorporate three dimension into your figure drawings. We have a pretty cool lesson for members of Drawing Tutorials Online in our Begin Here Step By Step course titled, you guessed it, “Understanding Form”.

I really enjoyed creating this lesson. It brought me back to my George Bridgman days. I’m a big fan of Bridgman. Studying his books over the years has really helped me to understand form.

However trying to see, then draw form from looking at the figure is a whole other can of worms. It’s super hard for a lot of artist to see the exact location of where the front plane meets the side plane. Not to mention all of the layers including shallow ovals.

Hopefully in this video critique you can see how I start to map out the surface planes on this models body. If you struggle with this always try to draw from a model that has form light. Yes you should be able to see surface planes in front light, but form light is best for this exercise.

If you need both feedback and photo reference we are here to help you.

Consider a membership to Drawing Tutorials Online. You can post your art up for a critique and download our figure photo reference!


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