Madeleine’s Sketchbook – Total Power

Madeleine’s Sketchbook – Total Power

Madeleine is a student currently enrolled in my foundation drawing class at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan New York. Madeleine is definitely playing by her own set of rules. She wants to create her own animated series for Cartoon Network. Hey why not.

Madeleine has the drive, the talent and a clear vision for what she wants. The sheer volume of drawings Madeleine has created in her sketchbook is pretty amazing.

I ask my students to fill two sketchbooks in a fifteen week semester, Madeleine completed her two in eight weeks. You definitely have to take note of that.

Finishing two sketchbooks in fifteen weeks is what every student should strive for. There is definitely something magical that happens when you draw that much. That magic is happening with Madeleine.

I really teach drawing in a very traditional way. Madeleine is far from traditional and I totally accept that. I love all of the drawings Madeleine works on in class. They are so very different, they really make you take a step back.

It’s so very important to expose yourself to different kinds of art. For that I thank you Madeleine for sharing your sketchbooks with us.

Check out Madeleine’s website. Thanks again Madeline for sharing your art. looking forward to the next sketchbooks.