Alice’s Last Sketchbook – Maybe

Alice’s Last Sketchbook – Maybe

It’s basically one month and one day before I start teaching a whole new group of students at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. I still have some sketchbook videos that I really need to post. This is a short but sweet sketchbook that Alice worked on when she was all out of ideas. She just did a bunch of drawings while watching Netflix. She was having a creative slump and worked through it wonderfully.

If you have ever been through a creative slump, or just didn’t feel like creating any art, it’s important that you at least continue to draw. It’s important to look at new artists.

Simply drawing each day in your sketchbook will open up new creative channels that you never thought existed. Of course every artist does need a break from time to time. But just keep sketching. It will keep your eye hand coordination up to speed.

Thanks for watching.

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Alice’s Sketchbook Continued

Alice’s Sketchbook Continued

The Spring semester ended back in April. However I’ve had Alice’s sketchbook video on my iPhone for sometime now. Alice was an absolute pleasure to have as a student in class.

Alice’s improvement over the entire academic year was pretty incredible. She really is an example of what hard work and devotion can do for one’s portfolio of drawings. Improve them immensely.

I wish Alice all the best as she moves forward with her education in the Animation Department at the School of Visual Arts.

Alice thank you so much for sharing your sketchbook. Thank you so much for being such a great student! Definitely stop by in the future, I would love to see what you are working on!

Check out Alice’s Instagram. Thanks again Alice for sharing your art.

Emily’s Sketchbook – Part Two – With Elmo

Emily’s Sketchbook – Part Two – With Elmo

Each year there is always a student that makes up the heart of the class, Emily is that student. Emily brings so much energy and passion into the classroom. I love her for that. If I could bottle up her energy I would, it’s fun and contagious.

Emily has really made some great strides with her artwork over two semesters. Her art is definitely unique to Emily. The shapes of her characters are really interesting. Emily also has this great knack for drawing really thin detailed line which I totally love.

With one more week left in the Spring semester at SVA I’m really going to miss all of the fun energy that Emily has for her work and the work of other students in the classroom.

Emily thanks so much for sharing another sketchbook. Definitely visit next semester, or else.




Check out Emily’s instagram. Thanks again Emily for sharing your art.


Alice’s Two Mini Sketchbooks

Alice’s Two Mini Sketchbooks

Okay you have definitely got to check out Alice’s two mini sketchbooks. All the way from Shanghai Alice can draw with the best of them. I knew from way back in September of 2017 that Alice had a lot of natural raw talent.

Her life drawing is super bold. Her life drawings are big and they have a ton of gesture. I really like how Alice adapts to different drawing environments. Her life drawings are really expressive. She draws mainly with her arm in class, not her fingers.

However in her tiny sketchbooks she is able to draw in such a loose way using just her fingers.

Arms, hands and fingers, you want to use them all when you draw. Always mix up what you are drawing on, just like Alice. In class she draws on a big 18 x 24 pad. However like she said in the video she is really comfortable drawing in a tiny 6″ x 6″ sketchbook. I love that sort of variety.

Be aware of how you draw. Draw only with your fingers and your drawings can look stiff. You want to be conscious of how you draw on a regular basis. When you start to move your arm you bring a loose gestural feeling into your drawings.

Alice is really progressing in class. The sketchbook that she is currently working on is amazing. I hope to film that one in a few weeks.

Thanks for watching. Alice thanks for sharing your sketchbooks!



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Ren’s Sketchbook – Short and Sweet

Ren’s Sketchbook – Short and Sweet

I wanted to take a moment here to share with you Ren’s sketchbook. Ren is currently enrolled in my foundation drawing class at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan New York.

I didn’t film too many sketchbooks last semester best Ren’s was a must. She arrives each week to class ready to work. Ren can just sit and draw for long periods of time, no distractions, no lack of focus.

Ren is certainly a model student who is really focused on improving her character design through life drawing.

I look forward to seeing more improvement from her this semester. Thanks for checking out her sketchbook.

Unfortunately Ren has no social media available at this time.



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