John Singer Sargent Study – Member Critique

John Singer Sargent Study – Member Critique

Arjun is a current member of Drawing Tutorials Online. Not only is Arjun a member but he contributes to the site on a weekly basis. His questions always stir up great conversations. 

He is always working at his craft of digital painting using Procreate. Arjun also signed up for my One Month Coaching where he really jump-started his progress. Arjun is a tireless artist devoting countless hours into improving his technique.

Arjun utilizes the member critique gallery on a weekly basis which is part of his weekly ritual for constant improvement. In this digital portrait painting, Arjun worked on a study of Lady Agnew of Lochnaw painted by John Singer Sargent in 1892.

Studying the great masters is a great way to learn. In this critique, I share with Arjun the importance of seeing shapes of value. These shapes represent the different surface planes on Lady Agnew’s face. The key takeaway from this critique is how to see the shapes of value, then shading them in their appropriate value.

One of the most important jobs of the portrait painter is to shade shapes in a sold way. If you have the time I would suggest working on a study of Lady Agnew the same way Arjun did. Do your best to squint to see the different values placed around the face. It will certainly help you to improve your portrait painting.



Check out Arjun’s website. Thanks again Arjun for sharing your art.


Portrait Painting Critique

Portrait Painting Critique

Yvon is a current member of Drawing Tutorials Online. I recently critiqued her acrylic portrait painting. The main suggestion was to utilize the line that separates the light from the dark. In essence blocking in the shadow shapes.

Without shadow shapes a portrait can become quite flat. In this particular case Yvon chose pretty amazing photo reference. If you have trouble with seeing the shadow shapes try squinting. When you squint you eliminate the small details and focus on the big light and shadow shapes.

The other main suggestion was to work with a limited color palette. Yvon had asked about using transparent tones.

My suggestion with paint, use translucency in the shadows, opacity in the lights. This will help to create form and depth.

Take a moment to check out the video below. It will definitely give you some useful painting tips.



If you are looking for feedback on your artwork, I’m here to help. I devote every single Monday to critiquing member artwork. Through the use of Drawing Tutorials Online weekly critiques you will improve faster. You will know what to start looking for.

Sometimes we can get too close to our own artwork. Another set of eyes is always helpful. Thanks for sharing Yvon!