How To Draw A Ten Minute Gesture Of The Figure

How To Draw A Ten Minute Gesture Of The Figure

I just recently added a new figure drawing to the members area of Drawing Tutorials Online. This course is title Figure Drawing Class Exercises.

There are so many more diverse ways of teaching in the classroom versus online. The options for creativity in the classroom is endless. You can incorporate the student in activities you just cannot do online.

The purpose of this course is not to complete the perfect drawing, quite the contrary. The purpose of this course is to share with you many of the short style twenty minute exercises completed in class.

The drawing in the video below is the type of drawing I have my students do often in the classroom. A simple top to bottom line/gesture drawing of the model using minimal shape.

The goal of this exercise to gain confidence by constantly drawing the figure from head to toe in ten minutes. Starting again, starting another one, and then another one. Kind of like doing drills.



Thank you so much for taking the time to watch this video. Make sure you get to a life drawing class and draw some quick ones. Don’t be perfect, just have fun.


Shannon’s Sketchbook – Great Col-Erase Line Quality

Shannon’s Sketchbook – Great Col-Erase Line Quality

Shannon was a student in last year’s foundation drawing class for animators. What I liked most about Shannon’s work was her line. The way that she draws with the Prismacolor Col-Erase pencil is pretty awesome.

She draws with the type of line quality that is loose but yet highly descriptive. Not to mention that at such a young age she is a master at drawing facial expressions. Her characters have so much emotion. I usually love work that is so very different than mine. I love seeing how Shannon draws with such flow and grace.

I would have liked it if Shannon was a student in my class when I was a first year student. Maybe I would have learned something about line quality.



Thanks so much for sharing your work Shannon! Check out Shannon’s Instagram.


Alice’s Two Mini Sketchbooks

Alice’s Two Mini Sketchbooks

Okay you have definitely got to check out Alice’s two mini sketchbooks. All the way from Shanghai Alice can draw with the best of them. I knew from way back in September of 2017 that Alice had a lot of natural raw talent.

Her life drawing is super bold. Her life drawings are big and they have a ton of gesture. I really like how Alice adapts to different drawing environments. Her life drawings are really expressive. She draws mainly with her arm in class, not her fingers.

However in her tiny sketchbooks she is able to draw in such a loose way using just her fingers.

Arms, hands and fingers, you want to use them all when you draw. Always mix up what you are drawing on, just like Alice. In class she draws on a big 18 x 24 pad. However like she said in the video she is really comfortable drawing in a tiny 6″ x 6″ sketchbook. I love that sort of variety.

Be aware of how you draw. Draw only with your fingers and your drawings can look stiff. You want to be conscious of how you draw on a regular basis. When you start to move your arm you bring a loose gestural feeling into your drawings.

Alice is really progressing in class. The sketchbook that she is currently working on is amazing. I hope to film that one in a few weeks.

Thanks for watching. Alice thanks for sharing your sketchbooks!



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