Emily’s Sketchbook – Italian Inspired

Emily’s Sketchbook – Italian Inspired

Emily is a student currently enrolled in my foundation drawing class at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan New York. Emily certainly brings a ton of energy into the classroom.

What I like most about Emily’s sketchbook is her originality. I like so much that she expresses how she is feeling through her drawings.

For instance how she drew the pain she was feeling with a terrible headache is pretty incredible. When I have a headache I just want to crawl up in bed. Plus drawing her dreams is pretty cool too.

I really do see a ton of improvement in Emily’s drawings midway through the sketchbook video. Her black ballpoint pen line is amazing.

I hope you enjoyed looking through Emily’s sketchbook drawings. I certainly did.



Check out Emily’s Instagram. Thanks again Emily for sharing your art. Looking forward to the next sketchbook.

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Emily’s Sketchbook – The Yellow Submarine

Emily’s Sketchbook – The Yellow Submarine

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a sketchbook video. I think Emily’s sketchbook is totally worth the wait. Over the course of the semester I’ve really enjoyed seeing Emily’s work progress into something special.

Her style of art is so perfectly suited for animation. She is excellent at character design with a unique sense of humor. It’s students like Emily that make teaching at the School of Visual Arts so much fun.

Think about what you can take from viewing Emily’s sketchbook. What is your main focus? Do you have a sense of your style? Does your style change with each image that you create? These are very important questions you should be asking yourself.

In 2018 I will be creating a brand new course that will help you to develop your style. Stay tuned.

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Check out Emily’s Instagram. Thanks again Emily for sharing your art. Looking forward to the next sketchbook.


Character Design Via Crayola

If you love drawing zany characters with lot’s of color watching Emily’s sketchbook video is a must. Emily is extremely creative. She draws with just about anything she can find including lot’s of Crayola crayons. Emily is completely unconventional when it comes to figure drawing as well. She exaggerates everything.

From an instructors point of view Emily is a dream student to have in class. She has so much to offer the more conventional students. She offers up an approach which says take chances, be creative, be different. I love that.

School starts once again in three weeks. I look forward to meeting a whole new group of students. At the same time I thank my lucky stars that Emily joined my class last year half way through the semester.

She definitely added a whole new dimension to class.

You can find more of Emily’s work at http://meltymeal.tumblr.com/