Ellis’s Sketchbook – Beautiful

Ellis’s Sketchbook – Beautiful

Simply put I’m a huge fan of Ellis’s sketchbook. Her work is very fun to look at. Ellis’s line is super slick. Ellis’s characters are drawn with such super descriptive line, it makes you want to just sit and admire them . Ellis’s characters are totally drawn out of her imagination and are absolutely authentic.

The funny thing is that Ellis was not even registered for my class on day one. Ellis joined our class a bit late and I’m really glad she did. Ellis brings so much to the classroom. Her work just has a different look and feel to it. It really inspires everyone in class to find their own authenticity.

Ultimately Ellis wants to become a director. Which basically means she will most likely be drawing less in the future. So for now I’m just going to sit back and enjoy watching Ellis draw in class. I’m also going to enjoy filming her next sketchbook sometime at the end of this semester.

I trust you will find something in Ellis’s sketchbook inspiring. I found her whole process to be inspiring. Both her light construction lines as well as the the look and feel of her finished drawings.

Check out Ellis’s instagram. Thanks again Ellis for sharing your art. looking forward to the next sketchbook.