Emily R’s Second Sketchbook

Emily R’s Second Sketchbook

Emily was a student in last years foundation drawing class for animators. I really miss having Emily in class this year. She is a massive Beatles fan with a with a great sense of humor.

His sketchbook drawing are so much fun to look at. I’ll let Emily’s work speak for itself in the video below.

Emily love your work, thanks so much for sharing!! Come back and visit on day.



Check out Emily’s Instagram. Thanks again Emily for sharing your art.


Emily’s Sketchbook – Part Two – With Elmo

Emily’s Sketchbook – Part Two – With Elmo

Each year there is always a student that makes up the heart of the class, Emily is that student. Emily brings so much energy and passion into the classroom. I love her for that. If I could bottle up her energy I would, it’s fun and contagious.

Emily has really made some great strides with her artwork over two semesters. Her art is definitely unique to Emily. The shapes of her characters are really interesting. Emily also has this great knack for drawing really thin detailed line which I totally love.

With one more week left in the Spring semester at SVA I’m really going to miss all of the fun energy that Emily has for her work and the work of other students in the classroom.

Emily thanks so much for sharing another sketchbook. Definitely visit next semester, or else.




Check out Emily’s instagram. Thanks again Emily for sharing your art.


Eclectic Sean’s Sketchbook

Eclectic Sean’s Sketchbook

Here we go again with another sketchbook video. Sean is an intense guy. His life drawings are pretty incredible. They have so much form and movement. His life drawings in his big 18 x 24 pad are even more impressive.

Sean has a definitive style. He likes to push and pull his characters exaggerating certain character traits. Sean is very creative working mainly from life as well as his imagination. It’s certainly safe to say that he hates drawing from photographs. Sean dislikes anything that involves copying. He thrives on bringing diverse characters to life all from his mind.

I love having Sean in class. He goes big with every page in his 18 x 24 pad. He draws big creating very interesting compositions through overlap. He provides the other students with lot’s a great ideas.

Plus he has a great sense of humor. I hope you enjoy his sketchbook video.

Always seek out and refine what makes your art unique. Be different and draw what you love.



Follow Sean on Instagram.

Phoebe’s Sketchbook Drawings

Phoebe’s Sketchbook Drawings

I wanted to take a moment this Holiday weekend to share a pretty cool sketchbook with you. Phoebe is an incredibly talented student enrolled in my foundation drawing class at the School Of Visual Arts in Manhattan New York. First off I have to thank Phoebe for sharing her sketchbook. Phoebe is wonderful to have in class. She puts her full effort into every assignment.

What I love most about Phoebe’s work is the diversity in her character design. No two characters look the same. She has a natural ability to draw a characters personality with little effort. Her characters show both emotion and movement. Certainly not an easy thing to accomplish.

Phoebe’s life drawings and character designs are one in the same. She can really draw people with their emotions shining through.

This is certainly a unique gift Phoebe has been blessed with. Phoebe’s work will certainly grow and mature with time. I am really looking forward to watching her progression, it will be amazing.



Thanks for watching.


If you would like to see more of Phoebe’s work visit elfphoe.tumblr.com and elfphoe.deviantart.com

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