How Ariel Gets Creative With Post It Notes

How Ariel Gets Creative With Post It Notes

If you are looking to spice things up in your sketchbook look to Ariel for some inspiration. The way she utilizes post it notes is really cool. First off with the post it notes Ariel is able to create a layered look to each page. The post it notes create so much depth.

The use of post it notes also adds a ton of color within her sketchbook. Especially when placed over Strathmore’s toned sketchbook paper.

Ariel’s use of bold line, colorful post it notes, as well as colored pencil makes for a very original and authentic looking sketchbook.

Of course I’ve barely mentioned Ariel’s wonderful life drawings. Her line has so much gravity is nuts. She is definitely running on all cylinders coming from Michigan.

The Spring semester is now over and I already miss my very noisy but talented students.

Ariel was a pleasure to have in class. Her work has so much movement and creativity. It inspires me to try different things. I hope it does the same for you.



Ariel’s Tumblr