Rex’s Second Sketchbook

Rex’s Second Sketchbook

Wow are you in for a treat, Rex’s second sketchbook is out of control awesome. It’s also a little overwhelming.

Rex is definitely a special individual. She is playing at a level different from most. Her sheer work ethic alone is a key takeaway from this video.

As you flip through her sketchbook like I said you might get a bit overwhelmed. Some self doubt might start to creep into your mind. The antidote to self doubt is focusing on what you can control right now. What you can control is working within your own sketchbook. Focus on you and your drawings.

Understanding that everyone improves at their own pace. Personally my entire 20’s set me up for my 30’s, I feel I didn’t get really good until I was in my 30’s. So needless to say I peaked late.

Draw with purpose in your sketchbook, don’t just doodle. Practice drawing some figures with light and shade. Practice drawing one anatomical part of the human form every week. Practice drawing from life, photos and your imagination.

Try your best not to always do the same thing. Challenge yourself, get out of your comfort zone. Be willing to crash and burn, your drawings will improve with time.

Enjoy Rex’s sketchbook. Turn that overwhelm into drive and determination.



Check out Rex’s Instagram. Thanks again Rex for sharing your art. looking forward to the next sketchbooks.