Jack’s Sketchbooks

Jack’s Sketchbooks

I as gear up for a new semester of teaching at the School of Visual Arts my mind brings me back to Jack. Every new semester brings the uncertainty of new students. Last year I was blessed with an amazing class of twenty-one incredible students. Jack was the different student. At first glance I wasn’t sure what he was all about. But as the weeks progressed I became to realize he was in a class all his own.

The energy Jack brings to the table is truly incredible. Jack definitely got the most feedback on YouTube when I posted his first sketchbook. People loved him or really hated him. The comments were out of control.

He handled the negative comments like a trooper. I told him to screw the negative comments and stick to what he loves. That is the only way to succeed and have fun as an artist.

As you know I’m as traditional as they come with my style. I love realistic figurative art. However, I also love different. Jack’s work is certainly different. As you glance through his sketchbook what is the one thing that inspires you?

Is it the way he uses color? Is it the way he fills every page? Or is it Jack’s crazy 1970’s hair style?

Either way I’m so grateful to have students like Jack in my class. I wonder what the new class vibe will be like this September? Who will be the new Jack?

Leave a comment below letting us know what you think about his work.

Oh, and do what you love and screw the haters.

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