Song’s sketchbook – Visiting Student Day

I remember back in the day when song was a student in my class she was a little lost. She was completely unsure of herself. Her confidence just was not there. However she perservered and her skill set began to grow. Her confidence also started to grow.

Rough Sketches – Working Out The Details

Working on rough sketches is a great time to plan and think. You can certainly use a multitude of techniques when composing your scene. I like using a grid, I also like to use big compositional shapes. Compositional shapes are big areas of light and shade.

Your Work Process

Sometimes I completely forget all about my past life. I once was a full time freelance illustrator working on several book projects at one time. My life was all about creating high quality artwork under the pressure of deadlines. Sitting down to paint for eight to ten...

Emily’s Sketchbook – Italian Inspired

What I like most about Emily’s sketchbook is her originality. I like so much that she expresses how she is feeling through her drawings. I really do see a ton of improvement in Emily’s drawings midway through the sketchbook video. Her black ballpoint pen line is amazing.

Critique Of The Week – How To Draw A Cat

Paul a member of Drawing Tutorials Online just recently uploaded one of his images for a critique. I really liked his drawing of this cute fury cat. The drawing was done in a combination of pencil, colored pencil, pastels (both pencil and stick), as well as charcoal.

How To Make Your Drawings Three Dimensional

Every Monday at Drawing Tutorials Online I film three to fours of video critiques. Members who take the time to upload their artwork definitely improve weekly. It’s pretty amazing what a different set of eyes can do to help you improve. Sometimes we get much too close to our drawings.

Rex’s Second Sketchbook

As you flip through her sketchbook like I said you might get a bit overwhelmed. Some self doubt might start to creep into your mind. The antidote to self doubt is focusing on what you can control right now. What you can control is working within your own sketchbook. Focus on you and your drawings.

Creating A Simple Value Structure Study

Sometimes we get so caught up in the details, the textures that we forget to organize a simple value structure. I recommend creating a value structure study in your sketchbook with a soft 2B mechanical pencil. It should take you less than five minutes to complete.

Portrait Drawing Tips – Getting A Likeness

Are you passionate about drawing portraits? One of the biggest portrait drawing techniques I teach in the classroom is shape of hair versus shapes of face. If you can draw the shape of the models hair, that is half the battle to drawing a likeness.

Understanding How To See Surface Planes

Understanding form is paramount when trying to incorporate three dimension into your figure drawings. We have a pretty cool lesson for members of Drawing Tutorials Online in our Begin Here Step By Step course titled, you guessed it, “Understanding Form”.

Do You Draw With Too Much Detail?

After many years of trial and error I finally learned why my paintings and drawings looked flat. I was putting much too much detail everywhere. I was putting detail in the light, I was also rendering detail in the shadows. I was putting details in the background as well as the foreground.

Drawing From The Wrong Photo Reference

Have you ever tried to draw a portrait for a friend that didn’t go so well? You had a great photo of a friend or family member and when you tried to draw from it, it was not a good experience. It’s most likely the photo had front lighting from flash photography.

How To See Gesture

This video critique will help you to see and draw better gestures. Being able to see the gesture of a pose will certainly help you draw relaxed loose figures.

Madeleine’s Sketchbook – Part Two

If you are into cartoons you will definitely be into Madeleine’s drawings! Her sketchbooks are definitely authentic to say the least. You can really she Madeleine’s passion show through on each page. Her attention to detail within textures is really cool.

Sabrina’s Sketchbook

Her sense of color is really cool. I really like how she gives pages in her sketchbook a color theme. Sabrina draws some really interesting shaped characters which is another attribute about her work that I enjoy.

Mixed Media Figure Drawing

Learn how to model the figure using white charcoal on painted board. This free three lesson course will teach you how to add color and form to your figure drawings. Plus you will receive a downloadable PDF that compliments the course.

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