Frequently Asked Questions

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I cannot log in.

Upon sign up to you should have been emailed login credentials. Go back and check all folders within your email.

If were an previous member who cancelled then signed back up, we have to manually adjust your account. Please email us and we will set up your account accordingly.

How do I cancel my membership?

It’s pretty simple, just hover over your name in top navigation menu bar. You will see “My Account” in the drop down. You can cancel your membership there.

Please note you will immediately be locked out of the membership area upon cancelation. If you are cancelling to to avoid future billing please do so the day before you subscription is set to renew.

You have to be logged in to cancel your membership.

How can I manage my account?

You can manage your account within the membership area by hovering over your name in the top navigation bar. Click on “My Account” in the drop down.

Please note once you cancel your account you will be locked out. If you are attempting to cancel your account to avoid future billing please do so the day before your subscription is set to renew.

Once a member, where do I start?

Once you are logged into click on “Start Here” in the top menu bar.

Where do I ask questions, email, the forums?

All art related questions should be asked in our Member Forum. If you have billing questions concerning your membership you can email us anytime. Please allow at least 24 hours for a response.

Do both your annual and monthly membership plans auto renew?

Yes. Drawing Tutorials Online is a subscription based membership website. All membership plans auto renew. Both monthly subscriptions and annual subscriptions auto renew. If you do not want your membership to auto renew please cancel it before your renewal date. It’s your responsibility to make note of your renewal dates.

Do you offer refunds?

We no longer offer refunds. If you have signed up to members.drawing-tutorials-online you have complete control over your subscription.

It is your responsibility to keep track of your renewal dates. All subscription plans auto renew. If you do not wish to have your subscription auto renew please cancel your membership a day before your subscription is set to renew.

You have to be logged into to cancel your membership. Just hover over your name in the top navigation bar. You will see “Your Account”. Click on your account and you can cancel your subscription there.

I signed up at the monthly rate. I really like the site. Can I switch to your annual membership?

Of course we recommend that you subscribe to our annual plan. That way you won’t miss out on any new content. First cancel your membership under “My Account”. Then sign back up here.

When should I move on from one course to the next?

Every artist learns at their own pace. It’s really up to each individual artist to decide how long each course should take. Understanding that the techniques taught in each course will take years to master. For example with Figure Drawing A Layered Approach you can practice drawing lesson one, the rough skeleton for about two days before moving onto the three shapes technique. Understanding that you will have to revisit each technique periodically in order to master it. Of course this varies from member to member.

How can I get my drawings critiqued?

Every member can get one drawing critiqued per week in our Member Critique Gallery.

I can't seem to upload an image from your PDF's to the Member Critique Gallery.

If you have a Mac simply press “Command – Shift – 4” all at the same time. Then drag your cursor over the image you want to copy. When you lift off the trackpad you will hear a camera sound. Your image will be located on your desktop. Simply save it as a jpg.

If you have a PC select the window that holds the image you would like to copy. “Hold the Alt key then press the Print Screen Button”. Your image should be saved to you clipboard. Simply save it as a jpg.

How often do you post new content in the membership area?

Every single Monday night we post up the Member Critiques as well as the Member Podcast. We do our best to upload content as often as possible. We are committed to creating quality courses that really help you improve your craft. 


August 8, 2008

 We launched our original membership site Drawing Tutorials in 2008. For well over eight years our original site has serviced the needs of thousands of artists just like you. However there comes a time when you just out grow your space. was launched on September 4, 2016. It has helped many artists learn and grow in a structured, nurturing environment.


Our Commitment

We are committed to never ending improvement. That’s where our new site comes into play. It’s jam packed with new features that will improve your overall learning experience. Manage your own account, search our entire site, plus keep track of the videos you have watched. Not to mention all of our videos are now streamed through Vimeo. The purpose of this new site is to help you avoid overwhelm. Learn in a clean clutter free environment.

Your Feedback

We all know that when you create something new there will always be some bumps in the road. Just like with out original site our core member base always helped us improve. If you see something that needs improvement, if you see a glitch, please contact us. We will do our best to take care of your needs immediately.

“Got to say you have set up one of the best instructional sites I’ve ever come across – educational, inspiring and fun. Keep up the good work!!!”

Brian Inglis

Surrey, UK

“I greatly appreciate the website and all the hard work that goes into maintaining it. I’ve learned more useful information from you in two months than several years of art courses in college.”

Clay Robbins

Centennial, CO

“I wanted to let you know that you are a great mentor to me. I have been watching your videos for some time now and I have learned a great deal from you. I absolutely love your drawings. You are truly dedicated to your work.”

Ted Fritz

Long Island, NY

“I’ve learned more in the first 54 minutes watching your tutorials than I did in an entire academic year.”

Brad Self

San Francisco, California