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Drawing Tutorials Online teaches you how to draw realistically while providing you with positive guidance through weekly coaching allowing you to create the quality artwork you desire.

Positive Guidance

A subscription to Drawing Tutorials Online is much more than just a bunch of video tutorials. It’s a place to discover new ideas interacting with some really talented artists. It’s a place to help you grow into the artist you know you can be.

Figure Drawing

Learn from courses that will teach you how to draw the figure from your imagination, life and photo reference. We’ve been teaching students figure drawing since 1997.

Portrait Drawing

If you would like to improve your portrait drawings you have come to the right place. You can choose from multiple portrait courses within our membership area.

Anatomy Lessons

Learn how to draw realistic figures by incorporating key anatomical landmarks. Learn from our comprehensive library of anatomy lessons.

Composition & Layout

Learn composition and layout techniques from studying masters like Waterhouse and Rockwell. Being able to create interesting compositions is a must have skill.


Learn how to draw landscape scenes that move. Learn how to create motion in your landscape drawings through perspective and pencil stroke direction.

Diverse Courses

As a member of Drawing Tutorials Online you will have access to a variety of courses. Learn how to draw diverse textures like chrome, glass and wood just to name a few.

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Learn From Our Experience Teaching Both In The Classroom And Online.

We understand that every artist absorbs information in their own unique way. We also understand that every artist grows at their own pace.


Do you learn from watching? Once a member you’ll gain access to our full course library. If you like to learn through watching all of our video tutorials stream super fast through Vimeo’s servers. 


Members love to draw along with our video tutorials. Many members listen much more then they watch. There is no right way to consume our content. The right way is what works best for you.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Our most successful members dive into our courses and actually learn by trial and error. Do the work and we will support you every step of the way.

Started Teaching

Students Educated Online

Images Critiqued

Launched DTO

Member Podcast

Do you have important questions regarding your art that aren’t being answered? Post your questions to our forums and we will answer them for you in our weekly podcast.














Video Critiques

Download and watch your video critique on any device. Getting your artwork critiqued on weekly basis will greatly accelerate your learning process.

In a learning environment there is no substitute for high quality feedback as well as positive reinforcement from a teacher you can trust. We have been sharing our knowledge helping artists succeed since 1997.

Core Features

Drawing Tutorials

Learn from courses covering topics from portrait drawing, anatomy, cast drawing, composition as well as perspective. Our core focus is the figure. However we understand you have to draw that figure in an environment.

Member Critiques

Yes you can get your artwork critiqued every week. Each Monday we critique member images by drawing on top of them in photoshop. You can download your critique and watch it at your convenience.

Weekly Podcast

Do you have questions that you need help with? In our weekly member podcast we will answer your questions. Just post your question in our forum. Topics range from career orientated questions to good old fashioned pencil questions.

Active Forum

Let’s be real the internet can be a really mean place. People can post some really rude comments on social sites. Not in our forums. Our forums are a friendly caring place to post your questions. Our forums are also active with some really talented artists ready to share their experience.

Brand New Site

Our brand new membership site has new software that will help you keep track of your course progress along with full search capabilities. Plus you can now change just about anything regarding your account yourself. Your password, credit card info, email, status, all member requested.

Staying On Target

We all know it’s very easy to get overwhelmed with all of the art courses and books available today. All of this information can be paralyzing. Our experience teaching both online and in the classroom will help you stay on target with your learning progress.

No Limits


When you sign up to Drawing Tutorials Online you gain access to all of our courses immediately. We do not drip out our content slowly over a long period of time. We believe in the power of momentum, we want you to consume our content.


We will certainly help you with choosing the right courses. Simply send us an email or ask for guidance in our member forums. Our website works for both beginners via our “Begin Here Step By Step” course as well as advanced students looking to up their game.


Your Teacher

Matthew Archambault Graduated from the School Of Visual Arts in 1990. He worked an illustrator from 1990 to 2008. Matthew illustrated hundreds of book covers. He was represented by some of the biggest agents in Manhattan New York including Hankins & Tegenborg.

In 1997 SVA asked him to be an adjunct instructor teaching in the Illustration Department. He has taught classes ranging from Anatomy to Advanced Illustration and the Marketplace. Matthew currently teaches Foundation Drawing in the Animation department.

In 2008 Matthew created and launched Drawing Tutorials Online following his passion for drawing, teaching and entrepreneurship. Since then he has educated well over 9000 students online.

Today Matthew lives with his family on Eastern Long Island in New York State. Most of his time is now spent creating courses and critiquing member artwork at Drawing Tutorials Online

You Are In Control Of Your Membership

Yes you can keep track of your learning progress. Yes you can cancel your subscription at anytime. Yes you can change your billing details and upgrade your subscription at anytime.


Manage Your Account

You can cancel your membership anytime no questions asked. You can also upgrade your membership at antime.


Track Your Learning Progress

Keep track of your learning progress to avoid getting overwhelmed with our advanced learning software.

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