Figure Drawing Is Our Passion

Drawing Tutorials Online will teach you the skills to draw the figure from life, from your memory and from photographs. You choose the courses and learn at your own pace.

Most importantly your questions will be answered both in a weekly video critique and weekly podcast that you can download.

Be That Artist You Know You Can Be!

Drawing Tutorials Online teaches you how to draw realistically while providing you with positive guidance through weekly coaching allowing you to create the quality artwork you desire.

A subscription to Drawing Tutorials Online is much more than just a bunch of video tutorials. It’s a place to discover new ideas interacting with some really talented artists. It’s a place to help you grow into the artist you know you can be.

An Online School

Simply put we are a really affordable online school. We specialize in teaching you everything and anything involving figure drawing.

We Develop Talent

We help to nurture and develop your raw natural talent. We provide a kind caring place for you to learn and grow as an artist.


Organized Structured Learning

Bouncing around from one free video to another on YouTube gives you no structure. We’ll take the overwhelm out of learning.


People Who Just Love To Draw

Our members have one thing in common, they all love to draw. Both enthusiasts and career orientated artists are welcome to come join us.

Clear Purpose

Our purpose is simple and clear. To provide artists with both the technical skills and career strategies they need to succeed.

Since 2008

Drawing Tutorials Online opened it’s doors on August 8, 2008. Since then we have helped to educate over 8220 members.

Learning how to draw has never been so fun and easy.

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Core Features

Drawing Tutorials

Learn from courses covering topics from portrait drawing, anatomy, cast drawing, composition as well as perspective. Our core focus is the figure. However we understand you have to draw that figure in an environment.

Member Critiques

Yes you can get your artwork critiqued every week. Each Monday we critique member images by drawing on top of them in photoshop. You can download your critique and watch it at your convenience.

Weekly Podcast

Do you have questions that you need help with? In our weekly member podcast we will answer your questions on a weekly basis. Just post your question in our forum. Topics range from career orientated questions to good old fashioned pencil questions.

Active Forum

Let’s be real the internet can be a really mean place. People can post some really rude comments on social sites. Not in our forums. Our forums are a friendly caring place to post your questions. Our forums are also active with some really talented artists ready to share their experience.

Downloadable Reference

Not everyone has access to great photo reference. As a member of DTO you can download dozens of PDF’s containing some pretty awesome photo reference. Quality reference is the key to quality artwork.

Online Pose

Don’t have a figure drawing class nearby? We can help with our online pose videos. Just press play and start drawing. Choose from one, two three and five minute gesture poses.

Members Educated

Images Critiqued

Pencils Sharpened

Pages Of Content

Why put off taking your drawings to the next level? You can subscribe right now for only $19.97 a month.

If it’s not for you just cancel your subscription, no questions asked.

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