8 Good Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To Painting Tutorials Online Today.

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1. Color Theory Is Confusing

Just the simple phrase, color theory, causes frustration in some artists. Start using color in a simple practical way. Our easy to understand guide to painting with color will encourage you to actually sit down and paint. 

5. Modeling With A Brush Is Tough

Sometimes you paint with way too much paint on your brush, while other times you barely have any paint on your brush. Modeling with paint is a daunting task. The trick is knowing what brush to use when.

2. Your Paintings Look Muddy

One of the biggest issues painters experience is creating mud. You know what I mean. After an hour of painting everything looks grey. Learn how to paint with a clean and vibrant color palette no matter what medium you paint with.

6. Too Many Options For Setting Up A Palette

Every teacher out there and their mom is telling you that their palette set up is the best. The fact of the matter is that there is only one palette out there that is best for you. We give you options, providing you with simple choices.

3. Art Supplies Are Expensive

Did your last trip to the art supply store set you back over a hundred dollars? I bet it was pretty close to that. Learn how to paint more with less. Learn how to paint with a limited amount of non toxic paints and mediums. 

7. Your Paintings Have No Atmosphere

Do your paintings have that plastic look? Is everything painted in an opaque way? Do you even have a light source within the painting? Do you know how to balance opacity and translucency? All things you will learn at PTO.

4. Painting Skin Tones Is Ridiculously Hard

How do I control my skin tones. How do I paint all of the subtlies of warm and cool skin tones? Have your asked yourself that exact quetion? Learn from the roadmap we have created for you. You can apply our skin tone techniques to both traditional and digital painting mediums.

8. School Is Out Of Control Expensive

Last I checked a very popular art college in Manhattan New York cost well North of $45,000. Not to mention the average continuing education painting class is usually $400. - $600. dollars. The cost of a subscription to Painting Tutorials Online is a mere fraction of that. It's pretty much a no brainer.